Will a blog improve search engine optimisation?

Before we can answer the question about whether or not a blog will improve a website search engine optimisation, the question is: do you need a blog?

The answer to this question should be a resounding YES! Your website should definitely have a blog or a news page, but unfortunately, this tends to be an area that doesn’t get prioritised by companies because there simply isn’t time for it. It’s often also because a lot of people seem to think that a blog is something only young people use.

Your website will benefit a lot from a blog and can also help generate many new visitors and better placement on Google. Most of our clients want a lot of traffic on their website or in their online shop. But how can one expect that visitors will return to the site if it never provides new content? By updating the blog, you will give your customers a reason to visit your site by filling your site with new, interesting, exciting content.

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There are several reasons as to why you should have a blog, and many of those reasons are connected to the optimisation of the search engine. Google has a secret recipe for its algorithm. which they also update 500-600 times a year! However, we still know about a few of those elements, and can, therefore, take advantage of them.

What we do know is that Google awards pages with a lot of traffic and a lot of backlinks. A backlink is a link that originates from another site and leads to your website. They will also give your site a better rank if you have a lot of (relevant) pages. Having a lot of pages will lead to more search words, which in turn can lead to a better Google-ranking.


If you’ve made the decision to start a blog on your website or return with regular updates, you, of course, want people to be able to find your posts. One way to achieve this is through social media. Post it to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. with a short preview that’ll trigger the interest and curiosity of the reader so that they will click the link and read the article. We’re not talking about clickbait here. We’re simply talking angling your post a little differently. Consider what you would want to click to read more about yourself. If you have an online shop, you can write about your newest products, reviews from other people, or how to use the product (with the use of a video or written instructions). If your company uses Instagram, you can post a short video in the story, with the ‘swipe up’ effect. This is a way to send your customers directly to the post.

What can I write about in the blog?

Eventually, you will witness a growth in the number of people visiting your site, which can lead to a better Google-ranking and increased sales/work for your company. We hope this can function as an inspiration and that you’ve acquired a few tips on how to improve your website. If you would like some help in setting up a blog today, we’re ready to help out.

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