From a fishermans village to a design agency

Our Story

If you grew up where we grew up, you’d be expected to become a farmer or fisherman. We at Geekr thought differently and followed our passion and went into marketing and design. Our first company went by the name of “iMark” and it opened its doors in 2005 as a small web advisory. It paid the bills but we feel it never took off as far as we’d have liked. After a few years break with a “typical 9-5”, we led back to our entrepreneurial spirit and the fruits of iMark became “FullCtrl” which launched in 2013.

FullCtrl slowly but steadily became a full serviced website and e-commerce agency with clients from all over Norway and a few international remote clients.

When we started to look at setting up shop outside of Norway, we quickly found that FullCtrl was a widely used name for different sorts of IT, telecom providers and Web service companies. We were between a rock and a hard place; we had to change our name which we loved so much. After much wear and tear within the team, the name “Geekr” was born. A mashup between the word Geek (an expert or enthusiast) with the old Norse -Viking way of writing words with -r endings.

In Early 2019 we slowly (but steadily) opened shop in Gibraltar. Our aim is to be a first-rate design online partner for small to medium-sized companies on “The Rock”. We have also teamed up with the amazing crew from CAS and are now ready and open for business… with more services than ever!


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Meet Our team



Country Manager Gibraltar

Born and bred local girl with a dream to start a company that creates foundations for more job opportunities and a release of stress for the local SMB market.

The perfect fit for Geekr.





Grapic designer and photographer with a passion for creating engaging design.

If you want your brand to look good, Victor is your man.




General Manager

A kick ass web developer with over 9 years experience with front end development. Co-founder of FullCtrl in Norway and now General Manager for Geekr and FullCtrl.

The Queen bee of the company. 




Coffee maker /Janitor

Have worked over 10 years with front end development. The principal janitor / Coffee maker for the Gibraltar team. 

Co founded FullCtrl and Geekr in Norway and is now the Country Manager for Geekr UK 


Patrick (Paddy)

Patrick (Paddy)

SEO and Content

Founder of SEOBlush, a content marketing, blogging and social media management agency. A general superstar for everyone that needs web traffic. 

Serves a cracking jellied eel for people interested.