Customers who shop online

Bring has conducted a survey to see which customers who shop online. What did they learn, and can any of it be helpful to you?

Firstly, they emphasise the fact that there are two kinds of customer; those who occasionally shop online, and those who often shop online. One of the major differences between them is that those who often shop online are mostly represented in the age groups under 40, and those who occasionally shop online are over 40 years old.

Physical shop or online

There are several reasons as to why some people prefer to shop online, and why some people prefer to shop in a physical shop. One of those reasons is the option to actually try on / touch the product they want to purchase. This is one of the reasons as to why those over 40 choose to go to a physical shop. The biggest reason that the same group chooses to shop online is that they have a gift card / discount if they shop online. They are also more prone to requiring guidance when purchasing a product.

When you know the reason why some people choose physical shops as opposed to those online, one can adjust the online shop accordingly. This can give you the possibility of reaching a larger number of customers. We recommend, first and foremost, that you have proper product descriptions, as well as good photos in the online shop. Feel free to write about the size, the material, and other tips that the customer might find useful.

If you can, offering discounts can also be a useful technique. You can for example offer a discount with a customer’s first purchase, to ensure that the customer knows that your online shop is a safe place to make their purchase.

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Getting the item immediately doesn’t come very high on the customers’ list of priorities. This enables you to get a hold of these customers and make them buy their items in your online shop. 40 % of new customers say that reading reviews builds trust, which is a far higher percentage than those who trust recommendations from people they know. Encourage your customers to leave a recommendation of your products. These should be visible in the online shop. You should also make sure that your customer service is quick and informative, so that your customers don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to find the relevant information they’re looking for.

We also recommend that you have a simple return- and refund policy. This builds trust and security for your customers.

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