How Online Content Writing Accelerates Sales

How Online Content Writing Accelerates Sales

Content writing continues to reign as king when it comes to increasing your online traffic and sales.

Every single word counts.

Improving your Google ranking, acquiring leads and increasing your conversion rates are all linked to the SEO content writing you use on your webpages.

Don’t have a webpage yet?

You’ve been reading a lot of blog posts recently that tell you that content writing is the way to get more traffic to your website – What most articles don’t tell you is how.

At Geekr, we pride ourselves on a transparent approach to content writing services. Below you’ll see a list of 4 ways that online content writing accelerates sales.

Spoiler: Google likes good content.


1. Improve Google Ranking

Of course, the most overt way that copywriting services benefit your company is by providing new keywords to attract search volume.

The words you use on your webpage form part of an arching picture of keywords (also known as search queries) that attract new visitors.

For example, if I’m selling lemons, I might write an article about the various health benefits of consuming lemons.

Throughout the article, as I’m writing, patterns emerge naturally which give an overall understanding of the topic in the piece:

  • Health benefits of consuming lemons
  • Pros and cons of eating lemons
  • Are lemons a healthy fruit?

The keyword phrases you use in your content writing are crawled by Google and those terms are then matched with the searches performed by potential clients.

Now, if a client searches “are lemons a healthy fruit?”, my article is more likely to rank on Google and I have an opportunity to convert that search into some sweet lemonade sales.


2. Convince Your Target Market

Don’t be fooled into thinking your content writing is only for Google.

Once you’ve impressed Google with your keyword density, that’s when you need a great website content writer to convince your target market.

Your web content writer has a set of rules to follow and should generally try to:

  • Create light pieces of writing that are easy to read
  • Create writing that has personality and adopts your brand’s tone
  • Write with an understanding of their target market
  • Always, always triple check grammar

After they have a piece that’s easy to read, they then need to switch on those powers of persuasion and explain exactly why your company is the right choice.

Being a website content writer is not an easy job – but we happen to love it here at Geekr.

If you’re looking for SEO copywriting to help boost your online traffic – why not check out our SEO Services?


3. Shareworthy Content Writing

“What are backlinks?”, “How do I get more backlinks?”, “How many backlinks do I need?”

These are the kind of questions we get asked on a daily basis.

The answer: write valuable, easy to read and useful content on a regular basis.

Get a content writing package now.

Backlinks are the external links that redirect clients to your webpages – the more valuable content that you write, the more backlinks you’ll organically acquire.

If you’ve seen the ads for 1,000 backlinks for a $10 – don’t do it!

You might benefit from a short boost in your Google ranking. However, it will be short lived and then you can wave goodbye to your website as you’re landed with a Google penalty which plummets your rankings for good.

Get your web content writer to produce valuable, easy to read and useful content which begs to be linked to.

Copywriting services should provide your company with valuable information for your clients and others, that’s how to acquire backlinks.

How many backlinks? – Quality over quantity my friend. You can have 1,000 backlinks in the dark shadows of the internet but one great backlink on Buzzfeed (or a related website) will get you a lot further.


4. Internal Linking Structure

Don’t forget about your internal linking structure.

Google has made it clear that this forms a great part of your overall SEO score.

Try to make relevant links in your content writing to different sections of your website.

For instance, at Geekr we have a wide range of service offerings like Graphic design, Web design, Hosting and SEO service. If I wanted to help clients on a particular page find a service, I should find a way to tie that into my writing – see what I did there?

The way your user moves around your page is important and you want to make sure their experience is as seamless as possible.

Remind your web content writer to think about these opportunities on how they can provide a better user experience with internal linking.

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