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We are a web and design agency founded in a small but wild village in Norway. We are currantly looking for staff and offices in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and will go live locally sometime at the end of 2021. Before then, if you want a chat our Gibraltar office will help you with all your design, SEO and development needs. 

Our promise to you!

We promise to deliver high quality work, effective and user friendly solutions and the best service.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Less hassle. More value

Look at our range of services below, to see which suits you and your business needs.

Remember; a chat with one of our project managers are always free. We will also get you a good strong cuppa.


What we can do for you | #wearegeekr

Web design and development

We deliver modern, responsive, and user-friendly web development, getting your business presented in the correct way.

Graphic design

A good design profile is very important, and studies show that the credibility of a company relies strongly on the graphic profile.


SEO is the process of affecting the visability of a website or a web page in a search engine´s “natural” or un-paid search result. We have a few tricks up our sleeves, so you can get more traffic.


We provide our clients with blazing fast hosting with superb uptime and daily backups. Free SSL and much more. The icing on the cake is that if your site breaks, we will fix it for free.

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Pricing Plans on our most popular products

A low monthly price and no setup fees. Just like it should be!

The price plan is based on an 18 month contract. You will then own the site 100%. After the contract period the price reduces to 39£ a month for hosting and technical support but that will be optional.

Blog & News

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Running a website can be tricky and things change almost month by month. The “new” thing now is that everybody should have an SSL Certificate. So what is this cryptic little thing that makes Chrome show that all important little locket next to your web address? Want...

Keyword research and implementation – And why its important

Why is keyword research important? Keyword research is a powerful part of search engine optimisation. It helps you understand what your potential customers want to find. Your content is more likely to rank better in search engine results. And it's more likely to...

How Online Content Writing Accelerates Sales

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