Keyword research and implementation – And why its important

Why is keyword research important?

Keyword research is a powerful part of search engine optimisation. It helps you understand what your potential customers want to find. Your content is more likely to rank better in search engine results. And it’s more likely to persuade visitors to become customers.

First, imagine yourself as a potential customer.

Which words could the customer put in a search engine that you want to lead to your website? These are your ‘seed’ keywords – the products or services that you offer.

You can use keyword research tools to:

  • discover related keywords
  • what people are searching for
  • what their intentions are
  • and how many searches there are

Are the searches phrased as statements or questions? Improve your organic traffic by answering the questions in your content.

Are the searches more or less frequent at different times of the year? This will help to develop your marketing strategy, getting content ready well before a push.

Which searches are the most and least popular? It may be helpful to target terms that are less popular because that is a less competitive space. These terms may also be more specific or intentional, in other words, more likely to convert.

Are there regional differences in search terms? This will improve the relevance of your content. And you can target specific locations depending on your business presence.

SEO professionals consider all the above and more. Geekr offers a keyword optimisation service to improve your search engine results, organic traffic and conversions. Find out more here.

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