Why we offer wordpress website tutorials

When you order a website from us, it’s our goal that you will have complete and utter control of your own website. The best way to get full control is knowing how the website works. That’s why we include a website tutorial in our solutions, both for websites and online shops.

It’s not supposed to be a frightening experience, navigating through your own website, even if this is very often the case. One can feel that one has little to no control, which can lead to people leaving the website as it is, completely untouched. An untouched website stops being relevant in record time.

It’s not always necessary to constantly update a website and updating regularly isn’t always relevant for everyone. However, sometimes one might wish to change prices, add an employee, or edit the product description. In addition, one should also log onto the page to make sure that both WordPress and potential plugins (expansions) are up to date. Therefore, we at Geekr online think it’s important to provide our clients with a tutorial on how to use WordPress and the website itself.

Now that we offer tutorials on how to use the website, what we go through during the tutorial depends on the client. However, some areas of the tutorials are always included. We also ensure that the client gets the chance to try their hand at using the website themselves. You will receive information about which areas are necessary for you and your company, and which areas you can disregard when you log on to the control panel.


We review the client’s pages to develop a certain understanding on how the website is built. We then go onto a page and review how it’s built, what information can be found where, and how to edit text / exchange pictures and ensure that everything that has been added has been saved and updated.

If the client has a blog / news page, we review the posts. Here, we often create a template that the client can use for future posts. We review how to edit text, URL, pictures, and categories.
Media library
What is a media library, and how do you add a PDF? We will walk you through the process and show you how easy it is.

Which plugins do you have on your site and what do they do? Make sure you keep your plugins updated. This will improve the performance and ensure the tightening of potential security gaps.

Now you can try your hand with confidence and if you need another tutorial, just get in touch with us and we’ll schedule a time. We can also help you with website support.

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